Adult Day Care Services

What is Adult Day Care Service (ADS)?

Adult Day Care Service is designed especially for older adults who want to remain in the community but who cannot be home alone during the day due to a physical, social and/or mental impairment.


Our Adult Day Care Service also provides respite for family caregivers, especially those who are employed outside the home and socialization older adults who often feel isolated. 

Available Programming 

Our ADS clients are served breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Additionally, to create and maintain a community, we offer a multitude of classes and programming. Some of our programs and classes include:

  • Group Exercise 

  • Singing 

  • Guitar Lessons

  • Line Dancing 

  • Ukulele Lessons 

  • Harmonica Lessons 

  • English Lessons 

  • Crafting

  • Bingo

  • Holiday Parties


MedTec ​also provides shuttle services in the morning and afternoon for each of our ADS clients. 

For more in-depth information from the Illinois state government, see our Resources Page OR call us directly at 847-470-4701!