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Chicago COVID-19 Vaccination Instructions

Please Note

You will be asked to enter an invite code for step 7. This code changes each week, so you must check MedTec's website to ensure that you have the most recent code. Please use the button below to view the most recent code. If schedules are not available for vaccination in the City of Chicago, please select one of the options in the Cook County Suburbs to see additional resources.

Step 1


Select: Register

Step 2

Create an account by filling out the form

Step 3

Select “Schedule a Vaccination"

Step 4

Fill out the personal information

Staff who do not have health insurance will still be able to get the vaccine at no cost

Step 5

Fill out eligibility questions

Please select “Home Health Care” for your place of work

Step 6

Continue filling out eligibility questions

Step 7

Enter invite codes for desired locations & dates to check if there are available appointment slots for vaccinations

  • Please note that the invite codes will change on a weekly basis. Click here to view the most recent codes

Step 8

Check the box of the location of interest 

Choose the date of the event in the dropdown and select “Next”

Step 9

Choose an appointment window - if one is available  

Otherwise, try other locations & dates

Step 10

A work verification letter will be sent to all homemakers via email. Have a copy of this letter available to bring to your vaccination appointment

Step 11

Go to your appointment.

Remember to bring:

A valid form of ID

Health insurance ID (if relevant)

Work verification letter*

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