COVID-19 risk screener

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Illinois is taking drastic steps to keep the COVID-19 situation from escalating in order to help protect all older adults and caretakers. Starting this week, the state will screen all HCAs & clients for COVID-19 risk factors before a visit can be made.  A message with the following questions will be sent to each homecare aide, who will need to answer all questions (both for HCA and for client) before we can allow and pay for the visit.


To minimize disruption on your services - we ask that all homecare aides:

  1. Sign-up for our text and email communications and respond as quickly as possible when you receive the COVID-19 screener.

  2. Take time today to call each of your clients and explain that for their and your safety, you will be calling before each visit to make sure that both of you are not at risk for COVID-19.  Asking the client to expect your call at a certain time each day might help improve your chances of reaching them in the future.

It's a strain on everyone - but together, we will keep our family safe.  Please call us at 847-470-4701 if you have any questions or if you just need a friendly voice!


Required COVID-19 Risk Factor Screener:

Do any of the following COVID-19 risk factors apply to you, the homecare aide within the past 14 days?  

No = none of the situations below apply to me  

Yes = I have one or more of the following COVID-19 risk factors; 

  1. Have you or someone you live with been experiencing a new fever, shortness of breath or cough?

  2. Have you or someone you live with been exposed to an individual with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

  3. Have you or someone you live with been tested positive for COVID-19?


Do any of the above apply to your client within the past 14 days? 

No = none of the situations above applies to my client  

Yes = my client has one or more of the COVID-19 risk factors above; 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will this start? Immediately.  Today, you will receive your first set of screener questions and will determine if you can visit your client tomorrow.  

  • You will have a few hours (until 6pm CT today) to respond to our text or email

  • If you have not responded by that time, you will start receiving phone calls from our team

How often will the screening occur?

HCAs and clients must be screened each time they visit.  So, if an HCA visits a client 5 times per week, they need to fill out the screener 5 times.   


Who needs to respond?  Is it just Homemakers?

Homemakers are in charge of replying to company texts and emails for themselves and their clients.  Homemakers will need to call their clients and make sure that their client does not have any risk factors before seeing the client.


What happens if I don't respond?  Or, if I don't get in contact with my client? 

The state asks you not to visit your client.  To reiterate:

  • A client will not open their door unless a homecare aide has already responded to the COVID-19 screener (within 24 hours of the start of the visit)

  • A homecare aide will not be allowed to visit a client unless they have already screened the client over the phone - and reported the results back to the office 

  • We cannot pay for any visits which occur unless the screener is received

What happens if an HCA or client answers "YES" to any questions?

If a homecare aide or client answers "YES" to any of these questions - they will be required to do the following before they can restart work:

  • Postpone their visits for at least 14 days from the day your symptoms began (or high risk behavior occurred)

  • Contact their medical provider for any additional guidance