Employee Frequently Asked Questions


I can't make it to work, what should I do?

Call 24 hours prior to your shift to notify the office.

What if I feel sick or have a family emergency during a shift?

Call the office at (847)-470-4701.

I want to change my schedule. What shoud I do?

If you are anticipating missing one day, please discuss with your client to see if you can reschedule for another day or week ot make up that time. If you would like to change your permanent schedule, please check with your client to make sure that is ok with them, then call the office at (847)-470-4701.

Client Situations

What if the client does not need my help for the day or does not let me in?

Call the office at (847)-470-4701.

I'm having a difficulty with my client and no longer want to care for them. Can I get reassigned to someone else?

Reassignments are generally not encouraged, but if the situation permits it will need to be evaluated by the company. Please call the office at (847)-470-4701 to discuss with the schedulers.

My client keeps calling me off hours when I'm not working.

Try to resolve the situation with your client, if it becomes an issue please call the office at (847)-470-4701.


When do I get paid?

Paychecks are direct deposited on the 1st and the 16th of the month. Our pay schedule runs on a two week lag. For example, your hours from June 16th - 30th will be paid out on July 15th.

My paycheck looks low. What should I do?

Try to remember if you have missed a day you usually work, rescheduled, or forgot to punch in or out. If not, please call the office at (847)-470-4701.

How do I view my paycheck?

MedTec uses Paychex Flex as our direct deposit system. Once you have created an account and logged in, you will be able to view your paychecks and other payroll information. To log in to Paychex Flex please click here. We do not provide physical paychecks to employees. To view this information please log in to Paychex Flex by clicking here.

What is Paychex Flex?

Paychex Flex is the direct deposit system that MedTec uses for compsensation. Paychex Flex allows you to view you paychecks and other payroll information online. To learn more about Paychex Flex, please click here. To log in to Paychex Flex, please click here.

COVID-19 Information

What is the COVID-19 Screener and why am I being contacted about it?

In order to protect the health of our clients and employees, we will be conducting COVID-19 screening in accordance with guidlines issued from the state of Illinois. All home care aides and clients will be screened 24 hours before their visit. You will recieve a text and email asking you to respond to the screening questions for yourself and your client. You are responsible for contacting your client and communicating their response to us. To view the screening questions, please click here. If you do not respond to the screener 24 hours before your visit, our team will call you to record your answers.

How often will screening occur?

Home care aides and clients must be screened each time they visit. For examples, if a home care aide visits a client five times per week, they need to fill out the screener five times.

What happens if I don't respond? Or if I don't get in contact with my client?

You will not be able to visit your client and you will not be paid for any visists which occur unless the screener is recieved. A client will not open their door unless a home care aide has already responded to the COVID-19 Screener within 24 hours of the start of the visit. A home care aide will not be allowed to visit a client unless they have already screened the client over the phone and reported teh results back to the office.

What happens if a home care aide or client answers "YES" to any questions?

If a home care aide or client answers "YES" to any of the questions they will be required to do the following before they can resart work: -Postpone their visits for at least 14 days from the day their symptoms began or high risk behavior occured -Contact their medical provider for any additional guidance


I forgot to clock in/out. What should I do?

Submit an electronic time sheet. If that is not an option, please submit a paper time sheet. Please click here to submit an electronic timesheet.

How do I fill out a time sheet?

Please fill out the time you punched in, punched out, and the tasks you completed. Make sure that your client signs your time sheets. You must fill out one time sheet per visit (e.g. if you have two visits, you need to fill out two time sheets). Please click here to fill out a timesheet.