Clocking-Out Easier on Alayacare


Alayacare users can now clock out after just checking off tasks that have been completed during their visit.

Users do not have to leave a comment for unfinished tasks!

Please remember to do your COVID screener, mark tasks, and clock out!

Earn a Referral Bonus of $300


MedTec is hiring!

Refer our company to people you know looking for work.

You can earn $300 if you refer...

A homemaker who works for 90 hours of service.

An office employee who works in our corporate office.

Submit Proof of COVID Vaccination


MedTec highly encourages homemakers to get vaccinated.
We expect COVID vaccines will become mandatory soon, and are requesting that all homemakers submit vaccine cards.

Submit Last 2021 In-Service Training


All staff must complete training by January 14, 2022.

You will be paid for 6 hours of training upon completion.