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MedTec Referral Program

Our clients need more people like you - dependable, trustworthy caregivers. 

With each referral you make, earn $200 for yourself and $200 for your friend.  Additionally, make more referrals and get bigger and better rewards!

GIVE $200
GET $200

P.S. If your friend brings a client, you (the referrer) gets an 
EXTRA $200




Here's how it works:


Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.02.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.02.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.02.50 AM.png

Share MedTec with your friends

Share the materials with your friends and let them know about the Referral Program


Help your friends fill out the application

They apply and put your name at the end of the application that says "If Referred by a Current MedTec Employee"


Enjoy a free coffee on us while waiting

While you wait for their application to get approved, we'll send you a gift card for a free coffee





Get the referral bonus and move up tiers

After the referred HCA works 100 hours, you will both be sent $200!
Referral Steps

Referral Tiers

Referral Tiers
For every 1-2 HCAs you refer, you move up in tiers.  Refer more people and choose from increasingly valuable options of rewards.
Earn prizes worth up to $2,000!
  • Make a referral after 9/1/22 and automatically start earning rewards (in addition to the $200 cash reward per referral)
  • To get the prize associated with any tier, you just need to make a certain amount of active referrals (ie a person who you referred who has worked at least 100 hrs and is still currently working for us)
  • Each tier's prizes can only be earned once (ie you can only win the prize for getting 2 referrals once)
  • Referrals can be built over many years.  For example: if you make two referrals this year and had 1 referral last year, then you'll have 3 active referrals (assuming they all worked 100 hrs & are still working for MedTec)
  • We will evaluate referrals each month and reach out to you with the status of your referral!

Grow with our referral program and earn rewards!



active referral

$50 gift value

Gift basket + Medtec sweater



active referrals

$200 gift value

Options: family photography session, theragun, etc.


active referrals

$400 gift value

Options: TV, Espresso machine, etc.



active referrals

$1,000 gift value

Options: laptop, iPad, etc.


Over 10

active referrals

$2,000 gift value

Options:  flight voucher, all-inclusive resort to Maldives, etc.

Refer Now

Make a Referral Now

You can make a referral two ways:

Send them a link to this page:


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