Frequently asked questions

What does a text/emailed report look like? What does it mean?

​Please see our example text/email below: 

What is the purpose of the report?

​It is a way to see how many hours you have worked for your clients. This will make it easier for you to add schedules, submit timesheets, and estimate your pay.

How often will the report be sent out?

​Every week on Mondays (as long as it’s not a holiday).

Why do some clients have weekly hours and others have monthly hours?

Your client’s insurance company determines both (1) how many hours a client should receive (2) if those hours need to be fulfilled over a week or a month.  So, our reports tell you your progress in fulfilling those hours by week (if your client gets X hours per week) and by month (if your client gets Y hours per month).


Some details on how this works:

  • Clients with weekly authorizations

    • The week starts on each Sunday and ends on each Saturday

    • Reports for weekly clients will cover the same time frame

    • Hours cannot roll over the next week

  • Clients with monthly authorizations

    • The month starts on the first day, ends on the last day (ie. March 1st – March 31st)

    • Reports for monthly clients will start at the beginning of the month

    • Hours do not roll over to the next month​​

Why is there a limit to how many hours I can work?

​The government determines how many hours a client should receive per week or month.  We should service all of those “authorized hours”, but cannot go over that amount of hours.

When can I make up additional hours?

For WEEKLY clients you can make up the hours throughout the week until SATURDAY

For MONTHLY clients you can make up the hours throughout the month until the LAST DAY of the month

My client went on vacation or was hospitalized, can I still make up hours upon their return?

YES as long as it is within the WEEK or MONTH. 

Bob Smith went into the hospital on Wednesday, March 18th through Friday, March 20th. If he is a weekly client, you can only make up the hours when he returns on Saturday. If he is a monthly client, you have up to March 31st to make up those lost hours.

What can I do if I need to schedule or work more hours?

ALWAYS confirm schedule changes with your CLIENTS.  Afterwards, your options are to:

  • Punch in longer (up to 8 hours for one client a day) – no need to let the office know

  • Schedule extra shifts on days not on the original schedule – but you must let the office know​

What is the maximum hours I can work in one day?

Typically, 8 hours for one client

I submitted timesheets – but don’t see them on the report…

Timesheets are only to be used as a last resort when EVV / MVV doesn’t work because they take a long time for our office to process.

Most likely, we have received your timesheet, but it has not been processed yet.