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In-Home Care Coordinator Positions

We’re looking for individuals with compassion, respect, and commitment to join our team as In-Home Care Coordinators. 

In-Home Care Coordinators spend their time working directly with clients - ensuring that their basic, non-medical needs are met.  In-Home Support Coordinators provide holistic physical and social support right from our clients’ homes, including: 

  • Client care: Prepping meals & cooking, helping clients move around the house, bathing and helping clients to use the restroom, transporting clients to and from their doctor’s appointments

  • Household care: Cleaning, helping client to do laundry

  • Emotional care: Providing companionship to the client, engaging in meaningful conversations with the client

To be a strong candidate for the position, you will need:

  • High-school diploma

  • Caring, passionate, and patient personality

  • Reliable form of transportation (to reach the client’s place of residence) 

  • Passion and desire to help others

  • Willingness to learn

  • Excellent communication skills

Click here to access our In-Home Care Coordinator application. 

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