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MedTec's Find Heroes Program

1. Per referral
Earn $200 for you and $200 for your friend


2. Loyalty reward
Bring in more referrals, earn bigger rewards 

# of Referrals

1. Per Referral

2. Loyalty Reward



$200 for you / $200 for friend

$50 value

MedTec gift basket



$200 value

Apple AirPods, sous vide package... etc.



$400 value

Samsonite luggage, 55" Smart TV... etc.



$1,000 value

Private chef dining, espresso machine... etc.



$2,000 value

Burberry coat, tropical resort vacation... etc.

Terms & Conditions

How bonuses and Loyalty Rewards are determined

  • At the end of each month, MedTec will distribute Word of Mouth bonuses and update referrers' Loyalty Reward Tiers.

  • Once a referred employee works more than 100 hours at MedTec, the Word of Mouth bonus is paid out to both the referring employee and the referred employee.

  • The number of Active Referrals determines a Referrer's Loyalty Reward Tier. 

  • A referred employee is deemed an "Active Referral" when the following conditions are met:

    • the referred employee has worked more than 100 hours at MedTec

    • the referred employee worked more than 50 hours in the most recent calendar month


Referral tier rewards 

Each tier reward can only be rewarded once per referrer. It is possible for a referrer to regress in tiers (should a previously referred employees no longer meet the conditions of an Active Referral)

Referral bonuses and tier rewards only apply to referred employees who applied after February 1, 2023.

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