Did you know?

You can get paid to care for your loved ones

Sometimes the best care comes from your family. We support family members in becoming home care aides for their loved ones 

  • Continue or start as a caregiver for your loved ones

  • Receive compensation and benefits for your time providing care

  • Company support and training is provided to handle difficult situations

  • Receive a substitute home care aide from MedTec when you are unable to provide care

How to become a family home care aide

Step one: Determine your eligibility

If you are working with a private insurer (e.g Blue Cross Blue Shield, Meridian, Illinicare) please reach out to your case manager to determine your eligibility. If you're covered by Medicaid, click here to determine your eligibility.

Step two: Apply to be a family home care aide

Once you have determined your eligibility, fill out your application here and indicate that you would like to be a family caregiver.

Step three: Begin benefiting from the MedTec network 

After approval and training, you begin receiving compensation and benefits for your time as a family home care aide.

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