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Have questions?  We'd love to help.

Our office is here to help.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Scheduling team - client updates & issues, adding / changing shifts, sick / late to shifts

  • Social workers - scheduling / rescheduling social work visits

  • Payroll team - questions about your paycheck, viewing your paystub

  • HR team - employee benefits, employment verification

  • Recruiting team - referring friends to work at MedTec, checking on your word-of-mouth status

  • Customer service - general questions

  • Billing team - questions on authorizations


Thank you to caregivers Shelly Carl-Chan and Julia Kim for this suggestion!

Schedulers are responsible for pairing and managing the ongoing relationship between clients & caregivers.  To improve continuity, caregiver will largely work with one scheduler, so please reach out to your scheduler.

Social workers ensure that clients are getting the best possible care

Recruiters are in charge of hiring and onboarding our caregivers

Billing works with insurance to ensure authorizations are received and claims are paid

HR will help with benefits, employment verification, PTO and sick pay

Our customer service team is happy to help answer your general questions and direct you to the appropriate department, if needed

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