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Taking the Pre-Service Quiz

Step 1

Understanding the Caregiver Role

This section will help you learn more about the role and the importance of home care aides

Step 2

Skills based Training

Educate and learn about the skills needed to be an excellent home care aide. Simply watch the videos, read the articles, and access the resources. 

Step 3

Preparing to be a MedTec Employee

Learn about MedTec's employee expectations, how to clock-in and clock-out, and who to reach out to with questions or concerns.

Step 4

Take the Quiz

Put your knowledge to the test by taking a brief quiz that covers the information included in the training


*Must score at least a 16/20 to confirm that you completed Pre-Service training



Congratulations, you are a few moments away from completing your pre-service training!

Please take the brief quiz below to complete your training and confirm that all training materials have been viewed. You must receive a 16/20 to pass.

Thank you for your effort and time, we look forward to continuing the onboarding process.

Need Assistance?

Please feel free to contact us at the number below or send us an email.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions or troubles after looking through the resources above,

please feel free to call us at 847-470-4701 

or send an email to

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