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Using Paychex Flex

Did you know that you can use the Paychex Flex app or webstie to access all of your pay and tax information?

Signing Up 

If you have never used Paychex before then you can request an invite to the app or website from MedTec's Human Resources department. This invite only works if you have never used Paychex in the past. 

  1. Click the invite link (this can be sent either as a text message or email)​

  2. Go through the guided steps within Paychex Flex

    • Confirm your information (name, birthdate, etc.)​

    • Create your username and password

      • be sure to store your username and password somewhere in case you forget them!​

    • Set up your security questions and settings

      • be sure to write down your security questions and answers somewhere in case you forget them!​

  3. Login to Paychex Flex using your new account information

  4. Confirm any additional information and head your dashboard

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