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Step 1

Understanding the Caregiver Role

Step 2

Skills based Training

Step 3

Preparing to be a MedTec Employee

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Take the Quiz

Skills Based Training


a. Preparation and Communication

First meeting

This video covers: - How to .... - The importance of LINK Add a subpage that keeps this original link open

Communicating with Clients

This video covers: 1. General communication practices • Clarify client preferences in task completion and any misinformation • Speak clearly, slowly, and in short sentences. Make sure you are visible when speaking • Be respectful and compassionate 2. Communicating with elders with Alzheimer's/Dementia • Try to use different words or hand gestures • Try to find the source of the problem and solve it • Be sure to keep an eye on your client at all times, beware of wandering off LINK: Add link

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Slide Show

These slides covers:
- Responsibilities of ...
- Ensuring...
Main takeaway: 
These slides show how important it is to check in on clients 

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The article above talks about ....

Article title

The article above talks about ....

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The article above talks about ....

b. Transportation and Meal Prep

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These slides covers:
- Transporting clients safely...
- Insurance...
Main takeaway: 
These slides show how to safely transport clients and what tasks that require driving would be appropriate

Resource Articles:

How Your Nutritional Needs Change as You Age
This article explains how aging affects nutritional needs and how to best address those changes. A few ways to do so is to incorporate nutrient-rich foods, more protein, fiber, and different vitamins. 

18 Healthy Meals For Seniors
This article has some easy healthy meal prep ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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The article above talks about ....

c. Physical Care and Client's Safety

Influenza Training Packet

Basic Hygiene and Infection Control

This video covers: 1. General hand washing and safety practices • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds - How to handle needle pricks and exposure to bodily fluids • If you get pricked, wash the area • If bleeding, let it bleed out • Contact MedTec about pricks or fluids 2. MedTec's COVID-19 policies • Monitor symptoms • Fill out MedTec questionnaire • Don't go to work if you experience ANY symptoms and contact MedTec staff LINK: ADD LINK

Influenza Education and Vaccination Form

This video covers: 1. General Influenza information • Highly contangious respiratory infection • Use prevention methods • Utilize best hygiene practices 2. The benefits of the influenza vaccine • Can help keep you from getting sick • Preventative tool to protect people at high risk 3. How to fill out MedTec's Influenza vaccination form • REQUIRED to submit record of whether or not you have been vaccinated • Go to FILL IN REST LINK: ADD LINK

d. Uncomfortable Situations

Congratulations on completing your skills based training! Now that you have learned about the necessary skills and knowledge, press the button below to learn more about being an employee for MedTec

Additional Information and Resources

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