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Understanding the Caregiver Role

Step 2

Skills based Training

Step 3

Preparing to be a MedTec Employee

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Take the Quiz

Understanding the Caregiver Role


Welcome to MedTec

All of our home care aides have been carefully selected and rigorously trained, ensuring that our clients receive the best care. When we offer care to clients, we establish a commitment to excellence. Being a home care aide is an important and fulfilling occupation that promotes clients' interdependence, dignity, and allows them the freedom to receive care in the comfortability of their own homes. Successfully completing this training will ensure that you are prepared for the role and that the 

a. What is the purpose of caregiving?

This video covers: - How to .... - The importance of LINK Add a subpage that keeps this original link open

b. What does a home care aide do?

c. Matching With A Client

Now that you have a better understanding of a caregiver's role and the importance of caregiving, it's time to learn more about the necessary skills for the role.

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